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Real Estate

Selected acquisition of luxury properties which translate into solid investments.

Strategic Investment Selection

WEST PORTUGAL is a real estate company dedicated to clients all over the world. The services provided are based on the acquisition of key properties at a reduced price which are great investments for our clients. We follow the complete process from evaluation, real estate brokerage, enlistment, work monitoring and commercialization in order to guarantee the success of the investment made. Also we assure a complete legal advice consultancy for the buying and selling process.

Travel Experience Program

By creating the Travel Experience program, WEST Portugal organizes visits to selected properties in a pleasant and memorable way, allowing investors to get to know the city and enjoy their stay. We provide our clients with boat trips and country tours so that they can have a full experience of what it is to live in Portugal.



Initial aplication

514,80 €

80,20 €


5.147,80 €

5.147,80 €


2.573,90 €

2.573,90 €

Real Estate refers to real estate development which can be done in two ways:
  • Real estate purchase and sale: The objective is to obtain profits from real estate sale or construction at a higher value than the acquisition value. They are risky investments in a medium term that can earn great remuneration.
  • Real estate rental: The objective is to transfer the real estate exploitation charging a common fee or a rental value. These are investments with long cycles of moderate remuneration that move large numbers of capital.